Water and Sewer

Water and Sewer Rates

Gallons Used


Gallons : 0-5000

Gallons: 5000+

Water Price


$37.00 / Month

$9.50 /1000Gal

Sewer Price


$34.00 / Month

$7.00 /1000Gal

New Service Connection Fee

Water: $2000.00

Sewer: $3000.00

Water Bills are due on the 25th of the month. A ten (10%) penalty will be added on the 16th if the bill is not paid. Service will be disconnected if not paid by 12:00 noon on the 20th. A $35.00 re-connect fee will be added and full payment of delinquent bill is required. Re-connections will be made only during regular working hours.

Town of Craigsville work crews will be conducting smoke test of sanitary sewers in your area on

April 23, 2019 and will end on May 24, 2019. 


The test will assist the town / county in locating breaks and defects in the sewer system. During the test you might see smoke coming from vent stacks on buildings and from manholes and holes in the ground. Don't be alarmed. The smoke has no odor and is non-toxic, non-staining, does not create a fire hazard and will dissipate in a few minutes. 


Before the town conducts the smoke test, please pour water into your basement floor drains and any unused sinks to fill the drain. If this is not done smoke could enter your building through the drain.


 If smoke should enter your building during the test, it probably means there are defects in the plumbing that could allow DANGEROUS SEWER GAS to enter. Note the location of the smoke and call your plumber or the plumbing inspector .He /She will meet with you to discuss what should be done to correct the problem. OPEN ALL DOORS AND WINDOWS TO VENTILATE ANY SMOKE THAT ENTERS THE BUILDING 


• Please notify us before we conduct the test if you have any of the following situations: •

Dogs, birds, or other pets that will be confined alone in the building during the test

• A person who will be alone and is an invalid or sleeping during the test


• Any individuals with respiratory problems who will be in the building 


• Elderly persons who will be alone and might be alarmed or confused if they see smoke 


If you have any of these situations or have questions regarding the smoke test call,


Note: Water fee Increase is due to 2.3 Million Dollar Loan for replacement of 1930's water lines and $400,000 water plant upgrade.